Inspiration In The Web

The internet with its diverse web of things has with it something for everyone. Within this web my interest falls on videos that have within them a little bit of magic that tends to capture an audience like no others. Whilst I believe that all films are a form of art, whether drama, action or romance, some films can be questioned regarding their purpose. Though I would guess that even though they are not much of interest they still have a specific/dedicated audience, and it is a form of art in its own way. More on that on a future post.

Today I wish to present some short films that are unique in their style, in form of story, poetry and animation. I do hope that you enjoy them and feel free to comment on them. I will begin with the Foundations video which was created using Motion Graphics and with a well directed approach.

Next up is a short film purely based on poetry which I enjoyed and which I believe is the future of poetry.

And last I leave you with a short film with a well directed story that truly captivates in all aspects of video, whether it be lighting, angles, and script.

I hope you enjoyed and once again feel free to leave a comment.


Art In My Heart

Time passes yet again as I return to my writing; time is endless forever moving and never stopping. I guess amidst all the classes and work I need to make some time for my writing. “To be forgotten is far worse than death,” is something I always tell myself, so I cannot forget my passion for writing.

Life anew here in the Valdosta, Georgia is rather intriguing and somewhat reminds me of home without the ocean view. All the trees and urban life surrounding the University is comforting for someone like me who appreciates the calmness of life. Still there is much to explore in this big country, but all in due time I always say.

I came across a beautiful photograph in the past day that motivated me to write today’s post. My thanks go to Eliza for motivating me with her wonderful shot of people portraits. The shot even motivated me to write a poem which I share today together with the photograph. I hope everyone enjoys it and feel free to comment on both the shot and poem.

Look forward to future posts, for I intend to continue updating my blog once again.


A New Beggining In Many Ways

And so a new year begins with a fresh start to everything. What more can you ask for? My journey now takes me to the city of Atlanta, and what a city it is. Its truly a place to visit being that its home to the CNN Global Headquarters, Coca-Cola Museum and Georgia Aquarium. If you into Basketball its home of the Atlanta Hawks.

I have planned to write a thorough description of the place but due to certain circumstances I will have to wait for a bit till I can put that up. There is so much to do here that it cannot be done in one day, as I journey I will post it here. But on to whats new in the new year of 2010.

The New Year seems to be the start of many thing in Movies, Technology, Finance, and Sports. But what has truly captivated me is the Films that will be out soon. One in Particular which is The Karate Kid with actors Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. It looks spectacular and worth the watch, for the preview seems to show that the film portrays a theme like other great films. It also brings to mind Boondocks, Jaden Smith somehow looks like the cartoon character Riley Freeman. The Film is something to look forward to though so I would keep an eye out for this one.

What's new in the year of 2010 for you guys?


The Roe Effect

There are times when a small clip usually caputres your attention, sometimes its on the first glimpse sometimes its on the second. But for me it was on the first, something about the music and the way it was directed.

The Roe Effect written/directed by Kiel Adrian Scott and starring Nia Fair Weather(Dawn) is a short film about a young teenage girl facing an unwanted pregnancy and the drama of losing a woman she loves.

The short film seems quite intriguing on my first view, but we can never judge a book by its cover now can we. But none the less it seems to be something to look forward to. I shall wait and see what it has in store. I believe we should all take a look at this short film. What are your views on the trailer?